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How we work

We will always try to be flexible about how we work with you - but over the years we’ve developed our own way of working that we find suits most clients. It helps to give structure and strength to our creative process...

How we work

A fresh new brand – Gemini Rail Group

Assa Abloy IFSEC Exhibition Design - Icons
How we work

Giving an exhibition impact – ASSA ABLOY

New Logo Design - Green Retreats 2
How we work

Professional Logo Design – Green Retreats

How we work

Online Training App – ROCKWOOL® Academy



We have been providing a full service Graphic Design approach to clients for more than 20 years. This has taught us that the first and most important part of any job is simply to sit down and listen to the customer.

That’s how we get to know them and the way they think, learn all about both the product or service they offer or the message they want to convey, and define the specific requirements of their brief.

Design Concepts

Once we’ve taken the brief, we will go away and prepare a range of ideas for the client in our Design Concepts.

This is the stage where we think about the brief, kicking it around  between us and using our creative focus to understand the project from all the different points of view. Our customer, your customers – even the competition and the wider public.

We then brainstorm ideas of what we could do with the project, and find the creative direction we want to suggest. From this we will create a range of design concepts, and visualise these up to a level that will enable us to discuss them with you and give you a clear choice of how the communications will look, along with any ways in which we believe the brief can be made to deliver more – and their cost implications.

Although we present a range of ideas, we usually have a preferred option, and we will explain how we came to that solution and talk you through our thinking on each option.

In most cases clients will agree with us and choose our preferred option – but we never put forward solutions that we don’t think work, and the important thing is to find a solution that works for you.

Finished Design

Once we are all agreed on a direction, it’s time to deliver. We work to finalise costs and deliver all the items you need to make your communications a success.

From copy writing to photography & illustration, we bring together all the elements into a finished mock up that lets you see what your communications will look like, and make sure it’s exactly right before we proceed to production.

‘Artwork’ and Proofing

Once everything is agreed, we provide you with detailed proofs so that you can check all the detail, and make sure everyone is happy with the content before we finalise artwork for production in whatever medium is required.


Delivering your communications means finding the right production resources for your needs – whether it is printed or electronic . We can arrange everything for you through our wide-ranging network of approved suppliers – all delivering high quality but cost effective results.

Alternatively, where you have existing and proven relationships with your own suppliers, we will work closely and constructively with them to ensure a successful delivery.

Build on success

We are committed to long-term relationships with our clients, and we will be ready to respond quickly and effectively as both practical day-to-day support, and as brand champions for your organisation.

This involves working with your team to plan and produce innovative and creative solutions – from websites and advertising to training materials and exhibitions.

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