Is your website too slow?

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The speed of your website is really important.
Website users simply won’t wait very long before leaving your site.

If your website is one that people simply need to use – where there is no alternative site they can switch to – slow load times will just frustrate and annoy them, leaving them with a bad feeling about your company.

Speed matters to search engines too. Google will rank fast websites higher than slow ones.

Are you losing business and frustrating customers because your website is…. just…. so…. slow?


Here at Hullabaloo, we work hard to make websites to not only look great but load fast. We care about the experience your users have on your website – be they customers, potential customers, clients or staff. We work hard to give them a great experience, knowing that happy website users means more business for you.

Our Caboodle system has lots of features that speed up the user experience. And because we host websites ourselves, we are able to fine-tune every aspect to deliver simply stunning speeds.

Even as you edit your website using Caboodle, you’ll njoy not having to be made to wait – simply put, things will just happen fast.


Can you afford to let a slow website lose you business?

Here are a few of the ways we satisfy the need for speed:

Page caching

Caboodle uses a similar trick to children’s television of old – ‘here’s one I made earlier’. It makes things MUCH faster.

Powerful servers

Our web servers pack a punch, and we don’t ensure they aren’t overloaded so every website is served quickly.

Reduce and compress

Minimising the amount of data that has to be transmitted saves time. Gzipping reduces wasted space by up to 80%.

Opcode caching

Our web server automatically remembers how to do things so it can do them much faster from then on.

Image sprites

Every image on a web page takes time to download. We combine images into ‘sprite maps’ so lots of images can be downloaded in one go. Result: fast pages, even when the design is graphic-heavy.

That’s not a complete list, there are loads more things we do for speed. And we are always working to make things even faster.

Want to talk speed? Give us a call.

Tortoise photo by Craig ONeal – used under license (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic)
Speed limit sign photo by Photo Monkey – used under license (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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