Happiness in perspective…

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Are you happy?

Well are you? Really? Psychologists have informed us that we can only really be happy with our lives when we put it into context. That is to say, we are only happy with certain aspects of our lives, when comparatively to those around us – we are ‘better’. For example, studies in to whether money really makes us happy have shed a ‘wealth’ of light on the matter…

First of all, a nations collective wealth really has very little to do with the nations collective happiness. We are no more or less happy as a nation than we were fifty years ago. Sudden economic changes; crashes or booms may have a short term effect on national happiness, though these are inherently transient in nature.

Where does money effect our happiness? When put in local context. Basically, if we earn more than our neighbours, then we’re happy. If we earn less, then we become dissatisfied with our jobs and in the worst circumstances, our selves.

We can also apply this logic to other aspects of our lives. For example; Richard is better than me at blogging – this upsets me. However so is Steven Fry – this upsets me less.

Simply put – we want the best (in context).

Here at Hullabaloo, we understand you as a client and the context your company operates in. This helps us to make sure that the work we do for you keeps you – Happy!

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