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Brand: One Step Beyond

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Brand identity design isn’t always about a company logo design – and here we were asked to design a business logo design for a Lafarge Aggregate’s UK employee incentive scheme to reward and encourage those workers who go above and beyond for their customers. Initially, all we were given was a description of the scheme, the name ‘One Step Beyond’, and the brief that the scheme would speak to all Lafarge employees – not just the office staff.

Once we had got past the novelty of doing the Madness dance around the studio, we  got down to the serious work of corporate logo designers and created a range of Design Concepts for the branding and subsequent campaign.

To make the scheme relevant and accessible to all employees, we used the road and safety sign style that is a vital part of every day life throughout Lafarge. The figure ‘stepping out’ was chosen to give the scheme a human face, and with the foot turning into an exclamation mark to punctuate the title.


The Application

This logo design would then initially be used onto teaser-posters just featuring the branding and the start date to create a talking point amongst the staff – who knew nothing about the scheme. Beyond that we used photography of real workers to illustrate the aims of the scheme and the numerous rewards available.


This approach could then be carried forward to a range of items designed to engage staff in nominating and voting for colleagues who deserved recognition.

This could include leaflets and voting boxes as well as a web microsite and a wide range of different items carrying the distinctive brand identity.

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