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Brochure Design

The company brochure design has always been the corner stone in any marketing design arsenal – and with so many digital communications today, a well designed, physical corporate brochure is and will remain a serious marketing tool that can make all the difference in winning that contract or selling that product....

It's a physical item that demonstrates your commitment to your product or service and communicates the substance behind your offering. An effective brochure design will give people confidence, and literally puts your organisation, its values and product into your potential client's hands.

In a virtual world, it delivers a tangible reality. Something you can hold, something you can touch - where you can feel the quality and see that it is real. And as a corporate brochure design company, Hullabaloo can maximise its impact.

Hullabaloo is a full service design studio that works as happily in print as it does in digital communications. But what does that mean for you? It means we can help you decide what the best route is for you - digital or printed - and you don't have to worry whether we are recommending a brochure because that's all we can do.

Located in Leicester, central to the Midlands, UK. Due to this location, we are conviniently positioned and easily accessable from a number of major road and rail lines, meaning we're never out of reach for a client.

We work well with your own printers - or if you prefer we can do the printing for you. We work mainly with local printers in the Leicestershire area, and wherever you are based that makes for easy distribution, meaning that there is no problem in getting your new brochures to you in a timely fashion and to meet your deadlines.

What we deliver...

  • Full support and advice throughout the entire process
  • Create brochure concepts to show you the options available
  • Create new styles that can then be dynamically applied to many items in future
  • Create solutions that will work alongside existing literature if required
  • Create a dynamic new style to reflect your values and strengths
  • Plan the content and structure of your new Brochure for you if required
  • Write copy for your new Brochure if required
  • Produce printed, electronic and web versions of your new Brochure
  • Help present and explain the new Brochure to your entire team
  • Launch events and support for external audiences
  • Full and ongoing artwork storage and delivery
  • Design dynamic future-proof solutions from web to exhibitions

BRUSH, Loughborough

Corporate Folder

This Folder was designed to contain the range of corporate brochures we designed for Loughborough based BRUSH, and incorporated an impressive throw out to reveal a great image of the winding process from the Leicestershire production line.

The cover featured an embossed version of the new three-dimensional BRUSH logo we created.

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Amey Case Studies

Amey, Oxfordshire

Case Studies

These case studies were designed to work alongside the divisional brochures and other items we designed for Amey. Their design used powerful graphics to highlight how important projects met and exceeded the KPIs set by customers.

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deVOL, Loughborough

Loughborough based deVol are one of this country’s most prestigious independent kitchen furniture manufacturers, and pride themselves on the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, that goes into every piece of furniture that they lovingly hand-build. We were asked to create a kitchen brochure that would reflect this quality and style...

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How Hullabaloo deliver your brochure design:

1. We will help you identify what you want to achieve (creating the brief)

We will meet with all the key decision makers to understand their views, and find what each of them wants the brochure to achieve. By gaining this understanding we are jointly able to define the brief that will create a new Brochure everyone is behind.

2. We create a range of new ideas (Design Concepts)

Having talked to the key people, we go away and produce a range of ideas of how we could achieve the brief’s objectives.

Typically this will include styles of photography, alternative formats, headlines and structures, use of colour, print finishes – all the factors that go to make a great brochure.

Our Design Concepts will help everybody see the strengths of each solution, and enable you to decide what direction we choose to take forward.

3. Make the brief a reality (Finished Design)

Once we are all agreed on a direction, we work to cost and deliver all the items you need to make your brochure a reality.

From copy writing to photography & illustration, we bring together all the elements into a finished mock up that lets you see what your new brochure will look like, and make sure it’s exactly right before we proceed to production.

4. Cross the ‘T’s and dot the ‘I’s (Artwork and Proofing)

Once everything has been agreed, we provide you with detailed proofs so that you can check everything is saying exactly what you want it to say. At the same time, we prepare artwork for production in whatever medium is required.

5. Deliver the vision (Production and print)

To make this new Brochure a reality means finding the right production resources for your needs.

We can arrange everything for you through our wide-ranging network of approved suppliers – all delivering high quality but cost effective results.

Alternatively, where you have existing and proven relationships with your own suppliers, we will work closely with them to ensure a successful delivery.

6. Communicate the brand (The launch)

Delivering your printed brochure is just the start. Hullabaloo can help find innovative and effective ways to take your new brochure to all the right people.

From postal packaging and covering letters, to PDFs and online brochures that can be browsed across the web.

7. Champion the brand (The future)

Beyond its launch, your new brochure will need to be supported and your brand protected, and we would love to act as brand champions.

This involves working with your team to plan and produce innovative support materials – from websites and advertising to training materials and exhibitions.

The next step is simple – just give us a call.

We would love to meet and talk about your brochure design - or any specific projects you are planning.

We will help identify your requirements, define the brief, and provide full costings as required. We will work incredibly hard to make sure all your visual communications deliver their full potential.

Call Sue or Colin on 01509 224466 to arrange a face to face meeting, or contact us for more information.

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