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Brand Refresh

Your branding makes you instantly recognisable. It should inspire both your customers and your team, so Hullabaloo work closely with you to make sure that your brand refresh will hit the mark, every time...

If your logo and company style is looking a bit dated, creating an exciting and dynamic new look is a great way to show your customers that you are moving forward and developing as a business.

Your brand is the most memorable representation of your business, and your logo makes you instantly recognisable. It should reflect your business appropriately, and give the people who see it a strong sense of the values of your brand - that's why Hullabaloo works closely with you to make sure that your new brand will hit the mark, every time.

We can create a completely new Corporate Identity and Logo, and help get your whole team on board with just what can be achieved with an exciting fresh new look. Or we can evolve and apply your exisiting Logo in a way that will achieve everything a new Corporate Identity would – but without leaving part of your team feeling left behind.

What we deliver...

  • We give you full support and advice throughout the entire brand refresh process
  • We create new business names and develop straplines
  • We design creative new logos, dynamically applied
  • We evolve existing logos and their application
  • We create a dynamic new brand – even where a logo can’t be changed
  • We write and produce brand or corporate identity guidelines
  • Full Stationery
  • Design and print of Signage and livery
  • We can help present and explain the new brand refresh to your entire team
  • Launch events and support for external audiences
  • We provide full and ongoing artwork storage and delivery
  • We deliver dynamic future-proof solutions from web to exhibitions

deVol Kitchens, Loughborough

Loughborough based deVol are one of this country’s most prestigious independent kitchen furniture manufacturers, and pride themselves on the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, that goes into every piece of furniture that they lovingly hand-build. We were asked to create a kitchen brochure that would reflect this quality and style, but it quickly became clear that first we needed to redesign their logo.

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BRUSH, Loughborough

The Loughborough based BRUSH brand is steeped in history and a proud tradition, but  a recent change of ownership meant they were also keen to get a fresh new look for their Leicestershire headquarters.

View Project

Kettley's Furniture, Leeds

The BBC’s business show ‘ALEX POLIZZI – THE FIXER’ aims to help struggling family firms revitalise their business, so we were excited to be asked to design a new logo for one company featured.

View Project

The next step is simple – just give us a call.

We would love to meet and talk about your brand refresh - or any specific projects you are planning.

We will help identify your requirements, define the brief, and provide full costings as required. We will work incredibly hard to make sure all your visual communications deliver their full potential.

Call Sue or Colin on 01509 224466 to arrange a face to face meeting, or contact us for more information.

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