Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers at Home

Reynaers at Home is the consumer-facing branch of this class-leading supplier of Aluminium door and window systems.

Whilst we needed to preserve the (already established) over-arching brand, we needed to find a way to give Reynaers at Home their own unique identity with a new look and a new emblem.

As usual, we put forward a wide range of concepts, and worked closely with Reynaers to establish a route to our preferred emblem option. A large range of support materials have been designed and produced using the Reynaers at Home identity, all of which sit comfortably under the house style of its parent branding. Additional to this, we also needed to find a way of adapting the emblem, so that partner suppliers can also display the branding and use it in their own marketing.

The emblem has carried onto many campaign materials including literature, display materials, online movies and also a website, with many useful resources for both customers and partners alike.

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