Anglian Windows

Product Catalogue

Anglian Windows is one of the best known brands in the UK. This catalogue for their commercial division needed to present the full range of PVC-U products available to specifiers within the highly competitive new-build and refurbishment house builder markets.

The catalogue design had to be simple and clear to communicate all the information and technical data Architects, Surveyors and Builders need to specify UPVC products throughout the construction sector.

The breadth of the product range was a key selling point, so structuring it into a manageable listing was the first step of the planning process. Simple printed tabs, along with clear contents and title pages made the catalogue design both easy to browse, and simple to search.

Photographing the entire product range was impractical, but simple, clear drawings helped customers visualise the product, and were combined with clear tables to present technical detail in an easy to understand format.We also wanted to give the catalogue a more approachable style, with carefully written introductory pages showing Anglian’s commercial strength and breadth of experience. Existing photography, demonstrating the Company’s manufacturing capabilities was combined with stylish generated backgrounds to create a striking look.

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