Props & Frocks


BBC2’s ‘Alex Polizzi – The Fixer’ sets out to help struggling family firms find a new direction and revitalise their businesses. We were asked to help create a new identity for this small, family-run fancy dress business who’s previous branding no longer fit in with the company’s bold new ambitions!

The brief was to create an identity which had real impact and would be flexible in its application, but more importantly it needed to be exciting and carry some of the magic and fun of dressing up. Because the design was needed for the filming schedule, our ideas needed to be presented and then realised quickly – and because we were taking the family firm in directions they hadn’t been before – we needed to make sure that our ideas hit the mark first time.

Fortunately, working to fast timescales is a familiar challenge for us, and helping find new directions for clients is what we do.  We produced a range of initial concepts, which featured playful, friendly typography and a series of graphical devices which would complement the brand and provide countless opportunities to really make a mark on the store.

Through further refinement, we produced a final logo and devised a bold colour palette. The branding was applied to various items, including signage and promotional items – which all came together to produce a brand identity which had real life and would make the business unmissable!

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