Prestige Service Centres


Prestige Motor Care are one of the leading names in car servicing for business and fleet operators throughout the UK. They asked us to come up with a branding and a marketing approach for their service centres to take that already successful product out to private cars owners and give them the same benefits as people with company cars.

Bold, direct and professional – but also friendly and approachable, our strong branding created a platform which could be used to quickly explain their innovative alternative to regular garage servicing.

A lively colour palette and use of bold, punchy typography was implemented, to deliver the company’s main sales messages – helping customers to quickly understand the service on offer and learn about the benefits.

The distinctive photography also reinforced the identity and added a human element to the mix – all combining into a fully coherent, consistent branding which worked across all of the company’s website, marketing and communication platforms.

A specially designed animated short film was also developed to help explain the service in a simple but entertaining way!

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Prestige Service Centres Branding Car Servicing Logo