Marks & Spencer

VM Training Programme

This high street giant needs no introduction, but over recent years they have re-inventing themselves, to appeal to a modern customer base. A major part of this has been an overhaul of instore product displays and graphics, making the shopping ‘experience’ a more pleasurable one and making it as easy as possible for customers to go instore and find that perfect woolly jumper!

The Brief

We worked with the Company’s Visual Merchandising agency who helped M&S create a comprehensive set of store layout plans, which covered everything from how and where to put up posters to how many pairs of knickers go on the shelves (and in what order!) It even featured guides on how to dress and display mannequins – all designed to aid customer selection and ultimately drive sales.

Our Solution

After all the product displays, clothing rails, shelving and till displays have been meticulously planned – all that information has to be distributed to over 600 stores, ensuring that the team in each store can present their goods to the same standard as the ones in Cardiff, Aberdeen, London, Norwich, Sheffield etc…

To achieve this we created a set of Visual Merchandising tools for each type of store. We designed hundreds of easy to use cards – which featured photographs, illustrations and simple descriptions, that could be used throughout the store, covering thousands of different products, as well as the sub brands of Autograph, Per Una and the like.

The cards were distributed in specially designed and durable file cases, which divided the cards into categories for easy selection, and could be used together for group training, as well as individually for each specific display.

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