The BBC’s business show ‘ALEX POLIZZI – THE FIXER’ aims to help struggling family firms revitalise their business, so we were excited to be asked to design a new logo for one company featured.

One of the dilemmas we often face with long established companies like Kettley’s is the apparent conflict between creating a new look and retaining a ‘familiar face’. Although the branding needed to reflect a modern, new approach, we were also keen to retain its core values of traditional quality, and we were conscious they also had a solid customer base who of course, we couldn’t alienate.

Karl was working hard with the clients to help get past this apparent conflict, and it is something we do every day, so we were able to provide a range of options for the client to choose from – all of which breathed new life into the brand without trampling all over it’s heritage.

Our solution used simple typography and iconic images to represent the different types of products offered in store, with a carefully chosen typeface forming the basis of the main logo to give a traditional structure to the logo but with a modern slant!

A strong, yet approachable colour palette, added real impact to the main signage, in-store point-of-sale material and external communications. The result is an identity which has real visual presence, and will provide a solid platform for the company to progress to a bold, new era…

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