GI Solutions

GI Solutions Direct Mail

GI Solutions in Leicester specialise in printing direct mail pieces by the million and  delivering marketing support services to national and international clients.

We were asked to design an entertaining, yet informative range of direct mail pieces to showcase their impressive range of services offered from their Leicestershire plant.

The audiences we were aiming for were marketing, advertising and design professionals, so the visuals needed to carry a more sophisticated style to appeal to them. We took the concept and decided to base the graphics around old fashioned fairgrounds, using images of antique amusements and rides from the past.

The mailer used one of the most popular formats the Company offer – a personalised booklet that seals itself for easy mailing. This approach allowed us to quickly establish the theme and get the readers attention straight away.

To build on the client copy, we came up with strong headlines that evoked the hard sell of posters and signs from the golden era of the carnival, carefully selecting type styles and imagery to create a high-impact visual style.

With so much to look at, the mailer carried all the impact of a dodgem ride, and achieved exactly the effect we were after – creating an effective mail piece that really hit the spot!

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