Product Brochure

Loughborough based deVol are one of this country’s most prestigious independent kitchen furniture manufacturers, and pride themselves on the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, that goes into every piece of furniture that they lovingly hand-build. We were asked to create a kitchen brochure that would reflect this quality and style, but it quickly became clear that first we needed to redesign their logo.

The product sold itself with those who visited the Leicestershire showroom and workshop, but the company felt they needed a kitchen brochure that would reflect this commitment and draw people past the costs into such a visit.

The new brochure really needed to match up to the quality and craftsmanship displayed in their products, make them stand out from the crowd and be something that wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill kitchen catalogue.

Although we agreed a kitchen brochure would be able to achieve this, we also saw an issue with the company logo. The existing design used a strong and modern sans-serif typeface that was completely at odds with the handmade style of the product. We created a more traditionally styled logo that reflected the almost arts & crafts values of the actual product.

The brochure we designed had an informal but clean, ‘coffee table’ style that matches the company’s product styling and combined strong sculptured typography with confident use of space.¬†Photography was given a flatter more subdued style which helped set the overall tone of the brochure, and married a soft colour palette with carefully selected paper stock.

The result was a brochure that created the feel of an interiors magazine, and not only reflected that quality and attention to detail, but also set deVOL apart in a highly competitive marketplace.

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