BPI Global


BPI Global Research are a Leicestershire based leading scientific and pharmaceutical research company involved in major research into health and  food supplements and the fight against cancer.

They needed a visual identity that would carry this message through the rigorous demands of their customers, and a brochure that would carry their message to the three sectors that made up the BPI of their name – Botanical, Pharmaceutical and Industrial.

Our solution was a simple but striking logo that gave character and memorability to the letters BPI, and combined these with a more formal approach to  the Global Research part of their name.

The distinctive green was a vibrant and dynamic choice that of course reflected both the natural and environmental aspects of much of their work. This was used confidently across all items, with business cards and stationery featuring solid green backs for impact.

The brochure featured optimistic, fresh stock photography to reflect the dynamic nature of the business and show that the company was about much more than just test tubes and bunsen burners!

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