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Online Training

For the last 15 years we have been helping a range of clients including Speedo, Rockwool, M&S and Yale to deliver more effective training programmes both in-house and through online training here in the UK and throughout Europe and the Far East...

We design and help clients create inspiring online training materials to train sales and marketing teams in product knowledge, technical support, procedures and brand awareness.

Our solutions provide printed materials and displays, but increasingly focus on interactive digital solutions such as Web based apps and e-learning tools that enable online testing and training for individual or remote learning.

These digital solutions enable clients to make the optimum use of every penny of their budgets, and include team members who might otherwise be difficult or costly to include in normal training experiences.

Type of training have mainly fallen into 3 major categories:

  • Product knowledge - helping sales teams understand the products and giving them online training materials they can then use for clients
  • Procedures and skills training - helping teams to understand the processes they are expected to follow and giving them online training materials to make that more effective
  • Brand awareness - providing online training materials to help employees better understand the company, its brand and its structure - and how that relates to them

This approach can be applied to any training programmes that you have - making existing events and courses more impactful and inspiring, and also enabling learning to be done from a distance and at times that suit the teams better.

If you have a team that needs training, you need to be at least considering creating a bespoke digital training solution. Our digital training solutions are custom designed for your teams, and offer the perfect way to increase product knowledge and help your teams to understand the requirements of the customers you serve.

What we deliver...

We have worked with some of the world's top brands to create digital training solutions that;

  • ensure their teams always have the most up to date information,
  • are available whenever and wherever they want to access them
  • can work on most devices - from desktops to mobile phones
  • inspire the teams and present training in an interesting and approachable format
  • allow online testing and monitoring to help measure their progress
  • enable trainers to feedback on success, and follow up with trainees who need help
  • controls who has access to the information - and can easily end that access if they leave
  • is cost effective and environmentally sustainable - no printing and no travel
  • delivers training to remote teams that are difficult to bring together for in-house training
  • enables training to be done in the trainees downtime - so no disruption to customers
  • is constantly available if they need a refresher course

We can work alongside your existing trainers to support their programmes, or if you need help we can write and structure your content for you. Either way, the training will be presented in a way that will be easy for your team to understand and digest, and that will engage and inspire them.

Speedo, Nottingham

Retail Standards

‘Inspiring the Customer’ is a vital part of delivering a high profile brand like Nottinghamshire based Speedo. We were asked to help them communicate with their teams to show them how to use Visual Merchandising to achieve this in their own stores – and importantly within store-in-store concessions.

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Rockwool, London

Academy Online Training App

The Rockwool Academy is an online training app that gives sales teams access to the latest information about Rockwool products, along with tailored presentations that they can use to present the product features and benefits to customers directly from their iPads.

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Yale Asia, China

Product Feature Animations

As ‘the world’s favourite lock’, Yale are a company right at the forefront of home security, and this was our campaign to simplify the digital security revolution in China!

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We will help identify your requirements, define the brief, and provide full costings as required. We will work incredibly hard to make sure all your visual communications deliver their full potential.

Call Sue or Colin on 01509 224466 to arrange a face to face meeting, or contact us for more information.

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