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Company Videos

Our creative and informative company videos offer a highly effective way to communicate your sales message. They use motion graphics to create impact without the need for expensive and disruptive live video at sensitive or difficult locations....

Whether you are looking a single company video to promote your whole organisation, or a series of movies to sell specific products and services, Hullabaloo will bring your message to life.

We use photography, illustration, carefully written text and a keen understanding of how to give your message impact and clarity to create engaging and inspiring company videos that viewers will want to watch - and remember long after they have finished.

From animated white-board videos without sound or with simple background music, to animated images and professional voice overs or even 'talking heads' - all our movies work with on-screen written messages that form part of the design. That means that even if the company videos are viewed without sound, they still carry the impact that helps drive your message home.

For more than 20 years, Hullabaloo have worked with a broad range of clients including Marks & Spencers, Rockwool, Yale and Speedo, both here in the UK and throughout Europe and the far east. Our motion graphics cost just a fraction of what live action videos cost - and cause none of the disruption that accessing locations and key people can cause.

What we deliver...

  • We give you full support and advice throughout the process
  • We help write and plan your message
  • We create individual company videos - or a series as required
  • We create a striking style to carry that message
  • We create different design concepts to help you choose
  • We can help present and explain these options to your entire team
  • We produce high quality company videos for use at any size
  • We help post company videos to YouTube and your website as required
  • We can help plan and support Launch events and support for external audiences
  • We provide full and ongoing digital storage and delivery
  • We deliver dynamic future-proof solutions from web to exhibitions
  • We can carry that same support across all your communicationss

Watch our Movie!

Yale Asia, China

Product Feature Animations

As ‘the world’s favourite lock’, Yale are a company right at the forefront of home security, and this was our campaign to simplify the digital security revolution in China!

View Project

ASSA ABLOY, West Midlands

IFSEC Security Exhibition

Getting your message across at a busy exhibition is not easy – that’s why ASSA ABLOY asked us to come up with an exhibition design and theme to demonstrate their huge range of products, and the unrivalled level of integration between those solutions.

View Project

Green Retreats


Green Retreats build high quality outdoor spaces that can be used for both work and leisure. Take a look at this movie that shows you how we created a brand new logo design that brings together the architectural space of the cube defined by green leaves to create a logo that reflects the stylish spaces they create...

View Project

How Hullabaloo deliver your company video or product movie:

1. We will help you identify what you want to achieve (creating the brief)

We will meet with all the key decision makers (and even your clients if you wish) to understand their views, and find what are the key messages for your new video.

2. We create a range of new ideas (Design Concepts)

Having talked to the key people, we go away and produce a range of ideas of how we could achieve the brief’s objectives.

Typically this will include ideas of how to deliver your message - from whiteboard animations, to bringing together styles of photography, animated text & images, use of colour, sound and voiceover narration – all the factors that go to make a great movie.

Our Design Concepts will help everybody see the strengths of each solution, and enable you to decide what direction we choose to take forward.

3. Make the brief a reality (Finished Design)

Once we are all agreed on a direction, we work with you to finalise the structure and content of your movie, and make your promotional movie a reality.

From helping plan the content and how to deliver it - to copy writing, photography & illustration - we help you bring together all the elements into an electronic or paper outline that lets you see how your video will look and work, and make sure it’s exactly right before we proceed to production.

4. Cross the ‘T’s and dot the ‘I’s (Artwork and Proofing)

Once everything has been agreed, we work alongside your team to produce the final video in whatever form we have agreed - and put it onto our secure web space so that you can check everything is saying exactly what you want it to say before approving it to go live.

5. Delivering your solution (The launch)

Creating your movie is just the start. Hullabaloo can also help find innovative and effective ways to take your video presentation to all the right people - and make sure it carries your message with it.

6. Build on success (The future)

For more than 20 years Hullabaloo have been helping a range of clients including Marks & Spencers, Rockwool, Yale and Speedo to deliver their messages here in the UK and throughout Europe and the far east.

We design and help clients create inspiring printed materials and displays, as well as interactive digital solutions that enable clients to make the optimum use of every penny of their budgets.

The next step is simple – just give us a call.

We would love to meet and talk about your company video or product movie - or any specific projects you are planning.

We will help identify your requirements, define the brief, and provide full costings as required. We will work incredibly hard to make sure all your visual communications deliver their full potential.

Call Sue or Colin on 01509 224466 to arrange a face to face meeting, or contact us for more information.

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