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Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? You’ve probably heard about Leicestershire police admitting that they might not be as prepared as perhaps they could be, after being approached by a concerned citizen about the issue.

Now it seems Leicestershires worst fears may becoming a reality. A 200 strong undead flashmob army is due to descend on the city to test its defenses, organised via social networking site; facebook.

‘Flashmobbing’ has become more popular since the dawn of social networking sites, being used as part of things ranging from protests to marketing campaigns, from lightsabre battles to contempory dancing

Social media has become a powerful tool in recent years. Be that as a platform to organise gatherings, advertise your business  or just circulate your ideas, the level of influence that can be harnessed via social networking sites (particularly the two giants, Twitter and Facebook) truly is astronomical.

Such influence should not be underestimated…

Zombie apocalypse survival guide still to come…

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