The power of ‘Thank You’

Posted by Colin Higton

I’ve just received three things from a new client – I won’t name them for fear of embarrassing them, but they know who they are…

The first was just the opportunity to work on their projects – a whole range of corporate brochures and other literature, and the promise of many new and even more exciting projects to follow. This was particularly gratifying as it’s someone we’ve worked with before – so they must have liked what we did for them in the past.

The second was a very prompt payment of our invoice – which is always much appreciated and is, after all, why we are here. Again, not a small thing – it doesn’t always happen that way, and when it does it usually means someone has gone the extra mile on our behalf.

Either of those things would be enough to secure their position as a valued client (and combined they make them positively precious) but it was the third thing that makes them absolutely priceless –  a thank you.

I know it’s a cheesy cliche, but when you know you’ve delivered that bit extra it gives a real boost to morale and makes every member of the team feel their efforts were worthwhile.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that we sulk if we don’t get praised for doing what we are paid for – but every now and again a thank you like that just get’s you ready for the next challenge.

So bring it on!


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