I’m a Lover…

Posted by Hullabaloo

I was chatting with Katie in the office recently and (I don’t know how we got on to the subject), but it turns out – she’s a hater! As a lover myself I am always amazed when I discover someone who has entirely the opposite opinion of the world’s greatest sandwich spread!

Marmite has just been banned in Denmark – they claim that (along with Rice Crispies, Shreddies, Horlicks and Ovaltine) that Marmite is a “threat to public health” due to its added vitamins!

Maybe the fantastic marketing campaign employed by Marmite has finally backfired, maybe Denmark has collectively decided that they fall on the side of the Marmite Haters?

Marmite clearly took the bull by the horns when devising their ‘Love / Hate’ campaign, they embraced the fact that there really is no in-between – you never hear anyone say “yeah, I don’t mind Marmite now and again”. No, its either people can’t get enough of the stuff, or it makes them physically sick!

Marmite is a catalyst for debate, it is the cause of arguments and it divides families. My good lady finds Marmite totally revolting while I myself would happily dive into a huge vat of the stuff! She is mortified that my young daughter has now (after intense training!) developed a taste for Marmite – in fact it was one of her first words!

The advertising clearly plays on this division and has been a real springboard for the brand – spawning endless marketing material and branded products, T-shirts, wall-art, even a marmouse! Although a challenging campaign, it’s clearly been a massive success.

So how many other nations will follow suit and turn their backs on this delicious black gold? Loads I hope – more for us. Yum.

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