I am a Virgin…

Posted by Richard Palmer

There. I’ve said it, it’s out there. I think the first part of coming to terms with it is first admitting it to yourself, then of course facing up to the dreadful task of telling family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. How will the news go down? Will you be the subject of ridicule, constant snippy comments and become the subject of endless gossip?

Well, I don’t care, because sometimes you just have to face facts. I have never, ever, written a blog in my life.

In fact, to be honest, I don’t really know if I could ever write a blog. I’m not really regarded as particularly articulate, freely expressing my opinions with gay abandon, stirring up long-running late-night debates on the state of the planet and other such important topics, so why bother? What IS a blog anyway? What’s the point in a blog? Does anyone actually read a blog? I’ve already dipped my toe into the world of ‘social media’ websites – I joined Facebook and have so far managed the princely sum of exactly 37 ‘friends’ (I have no idea how though – I don’t think I actually know 37 people, let alone ‘friends’!). I’ve even managed to get involved in Twitter, using those precious 140 characters to impart some of my much sought after knowledge, witty comments on everyday news stories, fascinating insights into my thrilling personal life and even told the odd lie!

So, blogging eh? I suppose given the location of my blog – on the works website, I should probably think about making it related to work. But what on earth am I going to say about being a graphic designer for the midlands most prestigious design company (boss might read it). I can’t possibly bore you with tales of day-to-day in-studio activity.

Maybe I could have a crack at relating graphic design to other aspects of my life? But hang on, does anything else I am interested in or exposed to bear any relation to my professional life? What possible topics should I pick to form the content of the few paltry paragraphs that I shall be passing off as my blog? So what is there…



Yep, I’ve reached that point where my life is no longer my own, I have 2 amazing bundles of joy to keep me busy, morning, noon and night! But surely nothing about them will have anything to do with design? I suppose I could talk about their toys and how we try and pick things that are designed to inspire, teach, stimulate and entertain. In fact I suppose their toys and playthings are really designed to help them move onto the next stage in their development and set them up for school. So that could be something I guess? But what other interests do I have? Well I do quite enjoy….



Before the aforementioned kids – my weekends were mainly spent ankle deep in mud, walking through field and o’er dale, taking in the countryside and hunting down our native wildlife. Aah it takes me back, but we’re getting off beam here, how can I relate my love of all things outdoors to design? Perhaps a study of colour in nature? I could produce a long meandering passage about my favourite bird – the Kingfisher. I mean have you seen one? The colours on this little beauty are unbelievable, you would think it had batteries as it appears to actually glow as it skims low along a river, with light majestically bouncing off its … Hang on… birds? Really? No, that won’t do at all, perhaps that’s one for when I’m in more poetic mood. Ooh, I know, what about…



I have been wondering lately about the artwork used on album covers and thought that it’s not really as important as it once was, I mean it doesn’t have to stand out in HMV anymore does it? Most music is downloaded straight onto an iPod (other mp3 players are available), so it’s almost redundant. Or I could rave on about the amazing technicolour light shows that normally go with live concerts – I have seen U2 loads of times and their shows are held up as some of the most visually stimulating and exciting stage shows ever, with more creative design built in year on year, or the stage sets that have accompanied Depeche Mode shows – I once travelled the length and breadth of country, following my boyhood idols everywhere they played, their stagesets, videos and sleeve artwork used to be designed by the now much lauded film-maker and photographer Anton Corbijn, his works would make for a fascinating blog…



I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a photographer, inspired by amazing works caught on film by the pros! I mean how hard can it be to get great images, I mean anyone can point a camera right? I soon discovered that taking great photos that don’t resemble blurry, unrecognisable blobs is an artform – and perhaps one best left to the professionals, I will always be interested in photography and am constantly amazed at how a photographer can capture draw-dropping landscapes & beautiful portraits, it also gets me closer another one of my interests…



Now I may not have the outspoken views on architecture as our future king (I also don’t talk to plants, very often), and I am certainly not the new Kevin McCloud, the bobble-headed hero off of Grand Designs, but I do love a good building. I have also always had a strange fascination with bridges, a few years ago I achieved one of my lifelong ambitions to go across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was only when I stared out across the bay at this engineering masterpiece that I ‘noticed’ the Oakland Bay bridge, which is far more impressive! Maybe that could be the subject of my blog?


You know what? I don’t think I’ll ever settle on a suitable subject for a blog, I will just have to resign myself to the fact that I’m just not a blog person. I mean what if I put my personal opinion out there and it’s just held up for ridicule? What if my opinions stir up a frenzy of emotion and I am bombarded by hatred and abuse? Or… worse still not one single person reads it?


No that’s sealed it for me, I don’t think I will ever write a…



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