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How great is it when you get a retail assistant who actually knows more about their products than you do?

Posted by Colin Higton

I was shopping in a well know brand’s store the other day when I realised with a sinking feeling that I was going to have to ask one of the retail team for help.

Why the sinking feeling?

Like most people, I have had disappointing experiences with retail assistants who seem to know less about the products they are selling than I do.

I often find that after looking at the display for a while, I manage to catch their eye, only to have them try to find the answer to my question on the same POS I’ve been looking at for the last 10 minutes. “It has a Proflex adaptor!” they confidently assure me, but when I ask them what that is, they aren’t really sure and start looking at the POS again.

A pleasant surprise…

So I was pleasantly surprised when this person not only knew the product – but actually managed to ask some useful questions to help me find what I was looking to buy. She had a good idea why I would buy the item – and that gave me confidence that she really knew what she was talking about.

In fact she actually managed to get me to buy a more expensive product (apparently it was a Which? best buy) and even a couple of extras I didn’t think I needed but which she was able to show me I couldn’t actually do without!

Lucky – or just good training?

Now maybe I was just lucky finding this person – or maybe the store has a really good recruitment team – but I suspect it’s actually that she just had some really good training.

At Hullabaloo we have helped many of the world’s top brands deliver good VM and  Customer Experience training – so I know how effective it can be. The top brands invest heavily in these training programmes for key staff – but for many teams the time, cost and effort of getting staff together is simply too great.

That’s why we are working to provide more efficient online learning tools that work across all smart devices. These are designed to enable your team to learn about their brand whenever and wherever they have free time – but still provide the inspiration and knowledge that can equip them to provide a great customer experience – and make sure we all get the pleasant surprise of someone who knows more about their brand and products than we do…

Find out more about how Hullabaloo can help you train your team online.

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