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Dyslexia comes in a number of forms and can be highly debilitating for a sufferer. People often think that to help combat the detrimental effects on reading, a clear and uniform font is the key. This would make sense to an individual who does not suffer from dyslexia; the more complex a font, the more difficult it may be to read. However this is not the same issue with dyslexics, who find it difficult to distinguish between similar looking letters, for example b and d.

A graphic designer in the Netherlands (Who happens to have dyslexia) may have come up with a solution. Each letter in his script is unique from the rest in many more respects than the typical font – whilst still retaining the togetherness that characterises the font as a consistent style.

Under testing, the readers of words in the ‘dyslexie’ font made fewer errors than those reading a more traditional font.

The logic behind this is that the unique nature of every letter in the script makes it difficult for someone with dyslexia to translate the letter into another similar looking one – hence avoiding confusion.

The font is currently on sale for businesses and schools and is just one show of the broad range of application that design has in the world!

Check out this video which illustrates visually how dyslexie works

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