Does Coke taste better out of a bottle?

Posted by Richard Palmer

I read in the news that Coca-Cola is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary by launching a commemorative set of it’s iconic bottles ‘through the ages’. Now I know there’s rich history in the evolution of the shape and form of the bottle – which can be seen on the company’s website, but the real issue is this… does it actually taste better when Coke is drank from a bottle?

There must be many contributing factors to this conundrum… temperature, location, use of a straw, ice, amount of tiny umbrellas used, not to mention the use of sliced citrus fruit enhancements (lemon etc).

So, let the nation decide, how is the bestest fizzy pop ever best served? My personal view is in a straight glass, 3 ice cubes, slice of lime, next to a swimming pool somewhere very hot.

What say you?

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