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Brochures design – BRUSH Turbogenerators

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Based in the UK, BRUSH are the world’s leading independent manufacturer of turbogenerators, operating in some of the toughest environments known to man.

As a brochure design agency our brief was to redesign the company’s range of brochures covering each of their three key markets and showcasing the range of products and services available to a diverse client base that stretches right around the world.

The existing brochures were too detailed in their approach, with highly technical content and no emphasis on the engineering specification of the projects featured. A key part of the brief was to reduce the amount of text, and to create a company brochure design that is accessible to a less technical and more commercial audience.

Our Solution

Our first step was to re-write the copy in the brochure in a more reader-friendly style, and to reduce some of the engineering detail. This is a familiar problem in professional brochure design, and was completed in conjunction with the engineers responsible for the original copy to ensure that though less detailed, the copy was still accurate.

To accompany the copy, we wanted the new brochure design to feature images of real Brush people in the range of environments that they worked – but unfortunately since these were literally scattered across the globe, our budgets wouldn’t stretch that far.

To get round this, we invited Brush staff to volunteer as models, and arranged photography sessions at their manufacturing plant to produce a range of images of workers dressed as they would be on-site. We then combined these images with the on-site photography that was available, and with stock images to create the images we needed.

Combined with a distinctive style and evolved 3D logo, and a stylish folder to contain them, the newly designed brochures provide a distinctive and effective package that achieves the informality and simplicity of the brief, without losing the authority of the originals.

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