PROCUREMENT & CONSULTING Our Procurement and Consulting teams have decades of experience working with Governments, their organisations and private sector businesses. Calling on expertise and resources from every area of the procurement supply chain management process, we deliver tailored solutions to a range of complex projects. Consulting With experience in over 100 countries, we help governments achieve the results on which their aid depends, while donors look to us to help ensure that their projects are delivered effectively. We manage globally significant projects, for example we currently manage funds of over USD$4 billion and have procured goods, works and services worth over USD$2 billion for the US Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation. Commercial Consulting We have personnel with significant procurement experience across the public and private sectors, and major consulting companies. We invest in ongoing training and maintain links with international experts in the field to ensure we are at the forefront of the latest knowledge and thinking. This combination of experience, training and international exposure forms the basis of our significant expertise in procurement. Procurement Agency Procurement Agency: Programme design, identification and evaluation of requirements; preparation of tender specifications and tender documents; worldwide sourcing of goods, works and services; tender administration and evaluation; contract negotiation, award and management. Freight and Logistics: Expediting and coordination of deliveries; inspection; insurance; freight forwarding and clearance; logistics planning, warehousing, good storage and handling; inventory management, classification and coding. Fiscal Agency: Management of special fund accounts; and payment accounting and auditing. 04