COMPLIANCE Whether you’re importing or exporting, we work closely with international standards and our global partners to ensure that we uphold the highest standards and keep our clients compliant. Charles Kendall draws on decades of experience working in systems such as C-TPAT (The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) to provide you with one of the highest quality advisory services anywhere in the world; from audits, risk assessments and customs regime advisory to taxation and environmental protection. Worldwide customs regimes are becoming more complex and the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. We provide technical assistance and compliance advice on all aspects of supply chain and freight management, working to remove risks and costs at every stage for our clients. We are proud to hold the highest AEO status in the UK. Globally, customs regimes are becoming increasingly complex. From tariffs, regulations, coding and valuation to Brexit, and the Union Customs Code, not to mention aviation security and counter terrorism measures, the scope continues to increase. As a result, penalties for non compliance include substantial fines, greater Customs and Governmental examinations, negative publicity and a slow and unpredictable supply chain. Compliance Healthcheck Service We provide an in-house Compliance Health Check service including; on- site audit of current import and export practices by our former senior Customs staff. Product classification advice and follow-up with Customs for rulings to establish correct rates of duty. Analysis of Customs procedures has benefitted our customers in many ways; from duty and demurrage savings to Fiscal Representation which can improve your cash flow and provide consistent delivery lead times, as well as more accurate forecasting and securer warehousing and distribution. Insurance We offer comprehensive worldwide insurance cover at competitive rates because without full insurance, your cargo could be at unnecessary risk. In the unlikely event of loss or damage during transit your goods are not insured unless specifically advised in writing. Certificate Number 2364 ISO9001 13